Serenade Leather Bags
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There is nothing like “Serenade Leather”!

Serenade Beverly Hills Collection

Serenade Beverly Hills Collection triumphs as a trendsetter and visionary among patent leather handbag and accessories brands in Australia since 1997. Thriving on the fashion essence of Europe, the Serenade Beverly Hills Collection offers the privileged connoisseurs an exceptional choice of premium leather products made perfect by a full range of impeccable design and quality production.

With distinctive design concept and dedicated execution, Serenade Beverly Hills Collection has secured a leading position in the upscale patent leather brand in global market. Every detail in our products is designed to evoke the sense eminence; we believe that our careful attention to details exemplifies the passion for quality patent leather products and our tribute to every design. Along this strategy, different concept and design are custom developed by Serenade’s exclusive production line to meet the diverse needs of the global market.

Boasting a wide global network of premium patent leather products from Australia to USA, UAE, China, New Zealand, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Fiji, as well as leading international cruise line. We present over one hundred styles of leather product in each season to satisfy the global market demand. Serenade Beverly Hills Collection is taking solid steps of expansion to bring even more fascinating and stylish patent leather products to global customers.


Our mission is to deliver the most desirable high quality leather handbags and accessories to our customers.

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